Thanks to the generosity of the Game Jam's host, I was given a chance to deal with the issues I had at the deadline. Here's the breakdown of that nightmare!

Game Not Loading: This I actually fixed before the deadline, but it had something to do with Unity's default compression method for WEBG builds. I don't get it, but I fixed it!

Blurry Text: This is what I was allowed to fix right after the deadline. I thought making the text small would keep it pixelated, but I was very wrong! I quickly made the text big, and that solved the issue, but I might've missed a box or two in my rush.

Blurry backgrounds: All textures in unity have anti-aliasing on by default. I forgot to turn it off on a few textures, so I fixed that as well during the grace time given.

There's probably still some issues, but I can only ask for so many favors, so we'll just have to take it for what it is.


PowerPlantsDemo[BrowserVersion].zip Play in browser
Sep 26, 2022

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