Demo Gameplay: If you start with save slot 1, you'll find a seed of each plant planted on your field. Pick a plot on the field to get a closer look at that plant. Once viewed closely you can open up the info to see the plants power generation and storage. (The seed needs to sprout before it'll generate any power) Each plant generates power based on how much sun, rain, and wind there is at the time (the bars in the top left corner). You have a couple tools to help the power generation. The Mist Sprayer adds to the rain value if it isn't already raining, the UV Lamp adds to the sun value if it isn't very bright out, and the Big Fan adds to the wind value when the winds are slow. You can also chat with your plants!... They don't talk back, but that won't stop you.
Once you're all done chatting with, and picking tools for the plants, you can start a new day in the Game Menu. On the new day screen you'll see the total of power you generated, and how much the plants can store. Look back to the field screen, and you'll see some of the plants have begun to grow. Each plant grows at different rates, but on the 10th day all 4 of the plants will have fully flowered, and you can enjoy them in all of their pixelated glory! Also the time mechanic isn't fully functional, but you can watch the day go by in the field and plot screens. In the actual game, a game day will last roughly 10 minutes, but the new day button will let you skip to the start of the next day.

Future Full Gameplay: The power you generate will be key to progressing in the game. You can spend it in the shops to increase your daily yield. The Upgrade shop will let you boost each type of plant, and the Seed Shop lets you plant new seeds. The first time you visit the seed shop, you'll find out that only the windflower is available?!
There are fossil fuels on the attack, polluting the environment, and making it impossible for other kinds of plants to grow. If you want them to stop you'll have to battle each one. Starting a battle, the total of your plants stored power will be your health bar, and energy used for attacks. You need to balance out basic attacks with special attacks that each plant type gives you access to. I don't want to spoil it all, but I can talk about the first opponent 'Smoke Stack', a big brick pillar that spews out smoke like a chimney. The Windflowers special attack WindBlast is extra powerful against the Smoke Stack. Once you've won the battle against the smoke stack, the air quality in the area will improve, allowing you to start growing SunFlowers! Defeating all 4 Fossil Fuels is how you win the game, but the final opponent will require a field full of powerful plants, and lots of stored up power. Can you pull it off? We'll see...

Note: There is a small glitch with some text in the game causing it to be blurry. This was unintended, and technically causes extra colors to exist on screen, but the game itself was  designed strictly with only 4 colors. Please ignore this small issue as it doesn't change anything. Also if there is no highlighted menu button, you might need to click one to regain normal gameboy control.



D-Pad = WASD or Arrow Keys

A button = N

Start = Enter

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