Classic platforming action! Take control of a cube that loves to tumble around, and avoid the deadly spikes to pass each level. There's plenty of collectibles to give you extra lives along the way, but even with that can you make it to The Last Level?

Use the Left and Right Arrows, or A and D to Move.
Use the Up Arrow, or W to Jump.
While in mid-air you can perform a double jump, and if you touch a wall you can wall jump off of it.

Arcade Music Loop by JoshuaEmpyre

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[Detailed Description]

The game begins with you... somehow at the end of the last level?... Weird! It seems the level is inactive until you reach the entrance of the level, so your challenge is to get to the start of each level, and then die, so that you can go to the previous level, and finally start the game for real at level 1. This wouldn't be so bad if you weren't actually losing lives while trying to make your way back, so you'll need to get plenty of collectibles as well! Luckily some of the later levels are made a bit easier while inactive, but even with that this won't be a walk in the park. This game is pretty tough to beat, and losing all your lives means Game Over. Despite all of this, I think you have what it takes to reach The Last Level!


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